Jason Richwine, senior policy analyst at Heritage Foundation
What's a nice way of saying "fired"?
Maybe that crisis management firm is already working for Heritage, because ...
Jason Richwine has resigned from the Heritage Foundation, a spokesman confirms to me.
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You see, Heritage was perfectly happy hiring a white supremacist and using him to author "studies" like the one that claimed that every undocumented immigrant was on welfare and would never get off welfare. Heck, that "study" was the big coming out party for new Heritage chief Jim DeMint, his way of showing the political world that Heritage was a playa!  

And then people looked at the report, laughed at its ludicrous conclusions, and wondered why the organization employed racists. And before you knew it, it was crisis management time.

So Richwine had a choice: be fired, or pretend it was his idea. Given that choice, he apparently decided to spend more time with his family. Or pursue new opportunities elsewhere.

I wonder if the KKK is hiring?

Richwine now all clear to found tax-exempt group High IQ Patriots.
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Also, I found this particularly funny:

Thank God I was working for Chris DeMuth and AEI, not Jim DeMint and Heritage, when The Bell Curve was published. Integrity. Loyalty. Balls.
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