A drew this map in the hope that it would give Democrats a 7-1 majority. I don't believe Democrats would have any problem splitting Minneapolis. They may not go as far as I did, but I just can't imagine them not doing it.

District One:

A mash-up of Rep. Tim Walz (D) and Rep. John Kline's (R) districts. It's also more Democratic then either district they currently represent. Kline would be forced to run here and maybe even put up a good fight, but in the end I'd expect Walz to win.

Obama: 52.3%
Democratic: 52.7%

District Two:

This district takes up much of St. Paul, parts of Washington County, and most of Dakota County. I'd image Rep. Betty McCollum (D) to run here. It's about 4 points less Democratic then McCollum's current district, but she barely underperformed President Obama and I'd expect her to not face much of a fight. Rep. Kline (R) lives in this district, but he'd be better off running in the 1st.

Obama: 58.2%
Democratic: 56.6%

District Three:

This is a new opportunity district for Democrats. It's a safe Democratic district that takes in parts of Bloomington, Minneapolis, much of Ramsey County, Washington County, and Chisago County. Rep. Michelle Bachmann lives in this district, but would have absolutly no hope. She'd probably run in the 8th district.

On a side not, a personal favorite of mine, State Rep. Susan Allen lives in the district and all of her district is in it. She's progressive, openly gay, and Native American.

Obama: 61.2%
Democratic: 60.6%

District Four:

This would be Rep. Keith Ellison's (D) district. Ellison overperformed President Obama by 1%. He may not have as much appeal in the suburbs, but this district is pretty safe and as with the 2nd and 3rd, I don't think he'll have any trouble. Rep. Erik Paulsen (R) lives in this district as well, but the 8th is near by and would be a much better opportunity for him.

Obama: 62.7%
Democratic: 60.5%

District Five:

This district take in much of northwestern Hennepin County and almost all of Anoka County. It's another opportunity district for Democrats. Though not nearly as safe as the 3rd. It's still better almost 4% better then Paulsen's current district and is to different from his to make him want to move to this district. State Senator Terri Bonoff (D) lives in this district. She tried to run against Paulsen in 2008, but was passed over by the DFL party for Ashwin Madia. Bonoff would probably run here.

Obama: 54.9%
Democratic: 53.6%

District Six:

This district is the successor to Rep. Rick Nolan's current district. It is 2% more Democratic and would be safe for him and the next Democrat that comes after him. At least for the foreseeable future.

Obama: 55.4%
Democratic: 58.3%

District Seven:

This district similar to Rep. Collin Peterson's (D) district. It .2% more Democratic then his current district. He'd have no trouble getting reelected, but he's getting older and may retire sometime in the next decade. We may not be able to hold the district without him.

Obama: 47.3%
Democratic: 48.4%

District Eight:

This district is the Republican vote sink that takes in the exburbs of Minneapolis and conservative rural areas.

I'd imagine Reps. Michelle Bachmann (R) and Erik Paulsen would run here. I'm not sure who would win in a primary, but I'm sure it would be a fight. There might even be some Republican state legislators who would run here. Neither Bachmann or Paulsen live in the district and that might be an effective attack against them in a primary.

Obama: 39.1%
Democratic: 40.8%


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