Man with shocked expression on his face
"I never would have guessed!"
So it's true: House Speaker John Boehner sees Benghazi as a political gambit. And I know you're as shocked to learn this as the guy with that awesome mustache over there to right.
Boehner has told leadership colleagues when they’re focusing on the terrorist attack, they’re fighting on their political ground.

“This is all Boehner,” said one senior Republican aide of the focus on Benghazi. “He’s obsessed with it. He brings it up all the time.” The sentiment was echoed with conversations throughout leadership, and the dynamic is acknowledged by his own aides.

For Boehner and GOP leaders, specifically, it has also become an effective way help them win valuable points with a right wing that has distrusted — and at times embarrassed — the leadership.

And proving the already obvious point that Boehner's ploy has worked like a charm with the wingnuts, here's RWNJ congressman Jason Chaffetz:
“More and more, I’m appreciating the wisdom of Boehner,” said Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a Utah Republican on the Oversight Committee, who has been among those who has led the Benghazi charge.
Yes, wisdom. Because in the GOP bubble, it's wise to spend enormous amounts of energy investigating why the administration got milquetoast talking points wrong, even though the issue was litigated in a presidential election, including the most memorable moment of the 2012 debates. It didn't work then, but apparently they think it'll work in 2016. And if it keeps them off his back, John Boehner is happy to play along. To borrow a phrase: "Please proceed."


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