If you shout into a full force hurricane, your words go nowhere. With overwhelming tragedies surrounding us, and our ability to sharpen the pointless and blunt the too sharp, some things hit me hard. As corporations sever whatever shreds of morality, accountability, and responsibility they once took for their supply chains and workers, but still get the right to buy politicians, I want to crawl under a rock.

Our need for the latest fashions at the lowest cost helped crush nearly 1000 people last month. We were distracted because, well because Benghazi and Boston. But, if we westerners don't buy clothes, some people can't feed their families, even though there is enough food and enough world income so no one should starve.

So, yesterday we learn this incredible story of hope and survival as a young woman is pulled from the rubble of the collapsed factory. And, today, we learn that she's done with the garment industry.  

Building collapse survivor never gave up hope.

Good move. Maybe Massey can offer her a job in one of its mines? Until we treat workers as people and corporations with responsibility, this is the kind of story that will repeat itself like Groundhog Day or Republican obstructionism.

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