Well, one of my co-workers became dead to me today.

We were having a brief luncheon for another member of the team, whose birthday it is, when we started idly chatting about the Boston Fund fundraiser going on in the lobby today. I mentioned some of the local updates in the neighborhoods, and the growing connection to the unsolved triple-murder in Waltham.

Imagine my surprise when the person in question launched into a diatribe that the Tsarnaevs were set up, the FBI planted the bombs, and that this was used as a dress-rehearsal for Martial Law. Of course the next words out of her mouth were "Bengazi", and then most curious of all, she somehow worked her way over to climate change and that it wasn't real; the government was hiring commercial airliners to spray chemicals into the atmosphere and those weren't contrails. (I"ll admit that's a new one on me.)

I merely smiled and told her to stop watching Fox News. "Why not? None of this comes from Fox!!" was her angry reply. In the interest of diplomacy (because I still have to work with her), I remained silent after that.

I'm really at a loss for words this afternoon.

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