Each day forward, it keeps getting ratcheted up, little by little, day after day. We passed the point of no return several years ago. Like the calm waters before the waterfall, too many failed to see the horror on the horizon. There is no reversing it. Like being stuck the horizon of a black hole, our warnings cannot escape. Buckle you seats.

It sounds crazy, I know. I hope it's crazy. But I don't believe I'm being crazy. It's as plain a day, to me. It's been coming. I've suggested we take it to the streets. Angry crowds is our last chance, imv. Scare the pols. It turns out that voting wasn't enough. The GOP ignores the results when they can't steal them.

What's going to save us? We have scandals and corruption in EVERY institution. The sports community is corrupt. Our religions are corrupt. Our political leadership has gone to shit. Business and industry is corrupt. Wall Street is corrupt. Our media checked out years ago. In the vacuum comes mystery media like Beck, Fox, Brietbart, Rush, the NRA, etc. Everything is in place. Or not in place, as it were.

Half the country was willing to elect Sarah Plain and Mitt Romney. WTF! The same half has armed itself to the teeth. The same folks are scared, misinformed, and trigger happy. Many are racists and bigots. They just couldn't accept a black man in the White House. Even a half white, black man. In their minds, their country has been taken away from them. They have nothing to lose. Cornered animals.

Lifelong friends and families have been split, forever. This is how it must have felt before our last civil war. The idea of a civil war was as bad, then, as it is now. But they fought anyway. It wasn't that long ago. It's in our DNA. Why wouldn't we do it all over again?

The rotten GOP is eager to take advantage of their constituency. Willing to rile up their NRA propagandized rebels. Ready to water the tree of liberty. Fooled by abstracts like "freedom" and "liberty." They say they are "taking their country back." But what they really want is to take the country down. I'm from the deep south. I know what they are capable of believing.

We're all guilty. We waited. We were passive. Too nice considering the opposition's total lack of principles and reason. Where is the scientific community? The university systems? Why aren't they being more aggressive putting down the anti-science morons?

Once the loons in the House fault on the debt ceiling, or trigger some other emergency, impeachment perhaps, where does the leadership come from when things go south? What stops the run on the banks? Who will calm the markets? It'll be too late. It is already too late, imv. Buckle your belts. No one hears your cries. I hope I'm just being crazy.

We have many serious problems to deal with in this country. Even in the best of scenarios it's not clear we can navigate the minefields ahead. But unfortunately, we have wide spread incompetence and dysfunction in government. Buckle you belts. The battle just got a lot tougher.  

Tell me why I'm wrong.

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