closer view of shop by Golden Triangle view area. Note Thailand t-shirt in shop.
Sign for Wat at same location as Golden Triangle View area. Across the parking lot from shops.
View of small shops after turning around from sign location at Golden Triangle viewsight.
Sign at Golden Triange view site
Sign at same site of GT view in Thai.
I am posting this because there appeared to be some confusion about the pics I previously posted as noted in the comments there,(see Golden Triangle Images diary) Here are a few more pics taken from the same place. We were told(Feb, 2012) that this was in Thailand we knew we were very far North. Yes, it is the Mekong and yes, across the river is the(now closed) Chinese casino that was built in Lao(s).
I did not have my compass or GPS with me, so I just had to trust(semi..)that the guide was telling the truth. The casino looks just like the casino(not a mosque)we went by on a fast boat up the Mekong(we were told it was the Mekong).

I only knew the Mekong of the south in Vietnam from the delta of 40 some years ago. But I had no reason to disbelieve the guide.
Geesh !

The maps pictured should be enough, if you are as much of a maphead as I certainly am. The latitude and longitude are on Google Earth if you need them.

The confusion is partly my fault for not linking to the other diary(Mekong Tourist Pak Beng) to which the original images were meant to be posted.

Please see the meta data in the image library for more info.

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