For years the Republicans have built their houses of sand on screaming about how the only sensible energy tactic is 'DRILL BABY DRILL!', and how Obama is crushing the oil industry - and of course, how he's wrecking the stock market.

So how do they explain the current US oil boom, that is sending shock waves through OPEC?

I thought I'd share today's headlines on these stories - they particularly struck me, after listening to all the unsubstantiated predictions of woe;


And the stock market which is setting new records?


Could it be (GASP!) that everything they've predicted is based on BS and scare tactics, designed to frighten their low-information base, and create worry in order to damage the public's faith in the economic turnaround? Or is it that they have absolutely no idea of what they're talking about? Or a stirred (not shaken) mixture of both?

The downside to the oil story is that the increased production is based on oil from shale deposits, which is horribly polluting and creates massively increased carbon output. But still, it's proof of the fact of their utter wrongness on EVERY SINGLE THING they've used as a talking point.

Just a simple info-story for everyone to know, and ponder.

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