ThinkProgress reports that the Senate agreed to cut $4.1 billion in food aid for the poor on top of the expiration of further aid in the Stimulus bill. So how about this scandal of literally asking Americans to starve a bit more for the sake of a deficit that is already dissipating? How about the scandal where Republicans were allowed to lie and say the Stimulus was a failure when it clearly helped these poor people be less hungry?

On top of that, Republicans in the House have proposed a bill that cuts this aid by $21 billion. So how about the scandal which will "eliminat[e]food assistance to nearly 2 million low-income people, mostly working families with children and senior citizens"?

Not enough for you? How about the GOP lie that "we have a spending problem in Washington, not a revenue problem"... the CBO said that the sharp decrease in the deficit recently was due mainly to revenue gains, not spending cuts. Is no one in the press going to call out that lie that Republicans were allowed to perpetuate? Why are Republicans still allowed to spread the lie that spending cuts will lead to job growth when the IMF Chief admitted they were wrong about austerity and that it led to failure. Why aren't Republicans called out on this?

How about the crony capitalism where Republicans in Congress forced the Pentagon to build tanks that it doesn't need, wasting billions, increasing the deficits, and helping its donors? Where was the worry for the deficit then? Think about this wasteful spending in the context of food aid being taken away from the poor. Isn't that worth outrage?

What about the scandal where Cable News shows spent more time covering Trump than covering the climate? Where is the outrage about this? How can journalists refuse cover the news that is most important to the people it serves? How is this journalism?

I'm not even getting to all the stuff that happened in the past decade. This is just the news that happened to stick out in my mind at this moment, and yet each one of these scandals is more outrageous than anything Obama has done. It amazes me that these scandals are forgotten because Obama said "an act of terror" instead of "terrorist act".

On top of that, I would love to see the AP tell any Republican who says "we have a spending problem, not a revenue problem" that "sir, you are LYING". Then I will accept that they are journalists who care about the truth, and not just sensationalism. Until then, spare me your outrage.

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