Army sexual assault awareness/prevention material saying
You're gonna need more than a new poster for this one.
Yeah, I think I see the problem here:
A sergeant first class in charge of sexual assault prevention at Fort Hood is under investigation for sexual assault, the Pentagon announced Tuesday night.

The soldier, whose name has not been released, is being investigated for abusive sexual contact, pandering, assault and maltreatment of subordinates. The soldier has been relieved of his duties at the Texas post, and no charges have yet been filed, the Pentagon said. He oversaw the program at the battalion level, a unit of about 800 soldiers.

The soldier is being investigated for, among other things, forcing a subordinate into prostitution and sexually assaulting two others, according to a Capitol Hill staffer who was briefed on the case and spoke about it on condition of anonymity.

Two senior Pentagon officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the case is under investigation, also confirmed that the sergeant is being investigated for running a prostitution ring.

This would be different from the other "sexual assault prevention program" officer arrested for sexual assault, and the need to actually clarify which "sexual assault prevention program" officer being arrested for sexual assault we're talking about may suggest that even the military culture around "sexual assault prevention programs" may need a bit of damn work.

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has "directed all service branches to re-train, re-credential and re-screen" officers implementing the military's sexual assault prevention and response programs. Sen. Claire McCaskill, for one, isn't impressed:

Sen. Claire McCaskill is among the female senators on the Armed Services Committee leading the push against sexual assault in the military, and the Missouri Democrat is now mobilizing her campaign supporters behind the effort.

“Instead of focusing on prosecution, there has been an effort to ‘train’ their way out of this problem with programs discussing unwanted sexual contact or encouraging a buddy system for women on bases,” McCaskill wrote an in email to her campaign mailing list. “It’s not going to work. This isn’t a problem the military can ‘train’ its way out of.”

Can't say she's wrong about that one. Glad she won her election, or we'd instead have Republican poster boy Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin helping to decide what to do about sexual assaults in the military, and I imagine that wouldn't have gone well. Call it a hunch.

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