OJ Simpson back in court?  Check.

New stock market highs daily?  Check.

Republickins ginning up fake nontroversy after fake controversy?  Check.

I am just venting here.

Clinton hatred?  Check!

"True progressives" complaining about a popular US POTUS?  check.

And finally, Fannie Mae stock gained 15% today on the housing rebound!  Don't you wingnuts remember your old nemesis - Fannie Mae?  They are making $32 billion per year as a government steward!

The deficit is 1/2 the last year of the Bush disaster of 08-09.  And get this - a conservative think tank is now FRETTING a possible BUDGET SURPLUS before the 2016 elections!


Call us crazy, but if the economy finally lifts off in 2014-2015, with GDP growth in the 4% neighborhood — with the sequester still in place – a surplus by fiscal 2015 is not totally out of the question.
You are only crazy because you oppose a surplus when Dems are in power!
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