OK.  Ive had it.  The stupid hurts.  I don't know how much more of this I can take.  I haven't seen this point made yet, but maybe I'm just not paying enough attention.  So here goes.  Who else finds it offensive that Tea Party groups are actually allowed to call themselves "social welfare" organizations.  Really?  These are people who are genetically opposed to every single example of social welfare that actually exists.  Really?  Groups that if they had their way (and actually read the damn thing) would remove the words "and general welfare" from you know where.

More ranting below the whatever the hell it is

It is past time that we allow these people a place in our government.  I listened to Louis Gommert's attack at the Holder hearing today and nearly ran my car off the road.  I don't care if I missplelt his name, and I'm frankly glad that the spellchecker won't help me here and I have no desire to find out how this unbelievable prick's name is actually spelled.  These nutjobs are the living embodiment of the Gish Gallop.  

I think the President actually did a decent job today (much better than the last few days) but this has to be the end.  When he is next asked about this crap he needs to say "Look, I addressed this yesterday.  There is an investigation ongoing into the IRS.  You have all the Benghazi emails.  Now that were all interested in effective government lets look into why Congress hasn't passed my jobs bill in over 2 years.  Lets talk about why they are wasting your money voting to repeal the ACA for the 37th time.  Lets talk about raising the debt limit.  Lets talk about how I cut the deficit in half in just 4 years, just like I promised."  He has the country's attention, he needs to use this moment and show some leadership.  Show the nation a contrast.  The Republicans are happy to investigate for the sake of investigating, but we don't have time for this crap.  They want to tear everything down.  It's time for him to explain how to build it up.

Its time to name names.  If he doesn't get that they are not acting in good faith, and that they never will act in good faith, then I'm done.  Ill speak up and defend him when the impeachment hearings start.  Until then, I need to see that he gets it, that the gloves have to come off.  They are going to call him an angry black man no matter what.  I'm sick of this appeasement crap.  Its time to throw some damn punches already.  

The President has the bully pulpit.  Its time to use it.  There is no reason he has to give the answers they want.

Q: What do you think about the Benghazi investigation?

A:  I think its a joke, just like the ACA repeal vote.  Just like everything else the House has done in the past 2 1/2 years.  The American people are sick and tired of these games.  And so am I.  Its time to stop this charade and get back to doing our jobs.  Its our job to help people get back to work.  Its time to get a real jobs bill to my desk.

Q: What is the status of the IRS investigation?

A: We are looking into how this could have happened.  But in the meantime we need to reflect on what Citizens United has wrought. We have obviously political groups who actually don't believe in anything to do with "social welfare" now calling themselves social welfare organizations just because they believe electing Republicans is good for America.  That is not social welfare.  That is politics.  And we all know this is a farce.  

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