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Pete Peterson. Alan Simpson. Every caviar fueled Very Serious ratbastard fuck in 'Fix The Debt'. The legions of conventional wisdom pimps, pearl clutchers, and DC fainting-couch vapor divers. All of those Very, Very Serious Powers that Be who lurk in the prettier corners of our nation's capitol who demanded, and received, very serious thinking. (Where "seriousness" is about pain.)

They all have something very much in common. That is, besides the whole wretched lot of 'em being a bunch of over-compensated soulless silver spoon mouthed slick fanboys and girls for granny-starvin' catfood-it's-what's-dinnerizing austerity pimping cultists all packed tightly in the velvet-and-gold pews of their own house of worship called Our Lady of Perpetual Human Misery.


They don't really give even a shred of a lick of a collective flying fuck if a Democrat, any Democrat anywhere in the good ol' U.S. of A. we all love, ever wins another goddamn election. Ever again. They don't walk walls. They live in the lap of luxury behind them. When the dark clouds gather.... over Georgetown cocktail parties and expensive private clubs and restaurants?

They buy popcorn.

They pull up a chair with a great big bowl of it and get ready to watch the show.

Life is not just merely good but gloriously awesomely entertainingly scandalicious.

It appears that the Clinton Rules have returned, and the Very Serious Circus is coming to town.

AKA 'That Time When a Tragic Number of Democrats All Get Painfully Reminded All at Once That, Although Many of Them Did Everything 'Serious' That Was Asked of Them, by Both Big Media and Big Dollar Masters of Our Universe Alike, in Terms of Imposing Needless Pain and Misery on the Most Vulnerable of the Masses it Actually Buys you Less than a Jackshit Nothing.'

I wonder. Who will be the more useful ally in a ratuck mugging? David Brooks? Or Alan Grayson?

I think, even though we all know the answer to that, DC wants the White House to be as sure.

As a liberal who is most certainly to the left of the Democratic Party, and as a concerned American who is most certainly going to be getting my MoveOn.org on as soon as the actual bad faith driven bullshit starts flying non-stop in the halls of Congress, probably for the rest of Obama's second term, I have to take a lil' Dirty Fucking Hippy stock first. Tragedy and Comedy.

It's at times like this, in the uncomfortably lingering national pause before the bullshit storm rolls it, when it's clear that things are going in a really, really bad direction inside the beltway, that a Dirty Fucking Hippy like me has to shake his head and laugh, even if it is a bit bitterly. Post-Partisanship. Deficit Hawkery. What quarter does it buy you when all the knives come out?

The same pricks that were wrong about everything who gave us the Iraq War, and that were wrong about everything and then nearly destroyed the US Economy, and were wrong about everything and then completely crippled the nation's Recovery, and that were wrong about everything and then gave us more Austerity as the answer? They will neatly fall into two tents.

Those vile malignant motherfucking pieces of shit who are going to watch the current President's bad late 90's flashback/Clintonian ordeal like they've just ordered the greatest MMA fight on Pay-Per-View in History, and those who are going to do their damnedest to pile on to all the fucking misery and extend it for as long as possible, because? Why. It's how they all roll.

When the worm turns, the big media brass bed is simply shat, and the Kewlest of the Kewl Kidz start imposing Sally Quinn's version of intellectual martial law from their cafeteria table to all of our livingrooms. When it all goes straight to hell. It doesn't matter that you have done everything they have asked you to do to prove you are serious. They fuck you, or they watch.

I'm going to get up on the wall and fight for Obama. I am going to encourage that everyone that I know do as well. As enthusiastically as I encourage people to always go out and vote and to never, ever give up that we can have the America of our dreams instead of taking the America of our nightmares. It's not lost on me who'll be watching/helping bury him as I/we do it.

Pete Peterson. Alan Simpson. Every caviar fueled Very Serious ratbastard fuck in 'Fix The Debt'. The legions of conventional wisdom pimps, pearl clutchers, and DC fainting-couch vapor divers. All of those Very, Very Serious Powers that Be who lurk in the prettier corners of our nation's capitol who demanded, and received, very serious thinking. The engineers of lost opportunities.

How Will the Austerians Handle the Return of the Clinton Rules to DC?

I'd say that President Barack Obama might want to invest in a helmet.

"Fix the Debt-ers"? Very Serious People? They don't fight. They watch.

They lament that they didn't cause more pain while they could, they watch the Circus come to town and decry the partisanship required to defend an Administration they've abandoned as it is now under constant siege, and they go to Aspen and drink wine and make plans for who comes next. Alan Grayson is going to be the White House's favorite Democrat of all before long.

And people like me, who are mystified and chagrined at and by so many, many things that have happened since 2008, and who are very deeply troubled by the dogged pursuit of whistleblowers and the disgusting details of the AP story, will nevertheless be making calls, protesting, and not allowing a President to be torn down for the "high crime" of being elected.


Right now, the best thing that Democrats have going for them is that they are not Republicans. Big fucking deal. That shit can go away in a scandal or an doubling back economic downturn. As stout as a high wall of packed cotton candy facing a phalanx of fire horses. As the Royal Order of Sally Quinn swoons, and the Scandalpalooza shit grinds on, that will really start to gall.

In an era when you should be dominating, by making an ideological counter-argument to a failed ideology in Movement Conservatism, what you get a split with the most malignant and vile wretches since the conservatives of the Gilded Age in the good times. And in the bad times? Well. Courting austerians and embracing postpartisanship is a bad strategy to win in a bar fight.

Boy, does that fucking little Village by the Potomac look like its in the mood for one.

Just a thought as I ponder the rats fleeing Obama. If you can't be a more partisan Democrat because you dislike liberals or you buy into the notion that being partisan is something negative, maybe, just maybe, you should be more partisan because, well, if you get mugged, the base of your party will actually fight for you while the weasels and rats forget your number?

As the scandals pile in DC, and the cretins that swim in the Politico sewer start floating the idea that the Village has turned on Obama and will now tag-team with the GOP to destroy him, I'm shaking my head as I get ready for the mess. Yep. Soon. We Are ALL Dirty Fucking Hippies. And Pete Peterson will be making eyes over at Hilary Clinton and at Marco Rubio. -Making plans.

Jesus Wept.

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