So, according to the Tennesseean, Kevin Sayre accidentally shot his one-year old daughter while field-stripping two handguns. The girl is now in stable but critical condition.

Leave aside the fact that you shouldn't do anything dangerous when your baby daughter is nearby. Leave aside the fact that this missing link was handling live ammunition in an apartment with rooms separated by drywall and studs. What kind of f**ing homo habilis doesn't think to empty the guns before stripping them?

I've field-stripped handguns. Hell, I field-stripped a Ruger revolver, which I actually found harder than stripping semi-automatics (you have to bear down hard to get the trigger guard loose, and the trigger spring carries enough force to be dangerous if you don't secure it).

It's hard to convey just how ridiculously, mind-blowingly moronic you have to be, what flat-affect, slack-jawed, sloping-forehead chromosomally-damaged stupidity is required to take apart your weapon and NOT REALIZE THAT THE DAMNED THING IS LOADED.

Forget background checks. What we need are IQ tests.

Originally posted to Average Ted on Thu May 16, 2013 at 05:22 AM PDT.

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