Received this e-mail today from Congressman Ed Markey (D. MA) who is running for Secretary of State John Kerry's (D. MA) Senate seat on June 25th:
"I was shocked to hear that the President's newest budget proposal would cut $100 billion in Social Security benefits...'chained CPI' is just a fancy way to say 'cut benefits for seniors, the permanently disabled, and orphans.'"
-- Senator Elizabeth Warren

In President Obama's latest budget, he proposed to change the way Social Security benefits are calculated to something called a "chained CPI" system -- which effectively cuts benefits for seniors and veterans.

Now, I agree with the President on a lot. Reducing gun violence. Tackling climate change. Investing in our schools and infrastructure. But on this I'm with Senator Elizabeth Warren -- I was surprised, and frankly disappointed, to see chained CPI changes to Social Security in the President's budget.

Social Security is a guarantee. Seniors have worked hard all of their lives to earn their benefits. Chained CPI is nothing more than "Cutting People's Benefits." Pursuing a progressive agenda should not come at the expense of our seniors' financial security.

We're still building a grassroots effort to stop chained CPI -- and I need your help. Tell the President: No chained CPI. No cuts to Social Security. Click here and add your name right now:


Thank you for your support.


Click here to add your name to Markey's petition:


Markey will be going up against buisnessman Gabriel Gomez (R. MA) who supports cuts to Social Security.  PPP's latest poll for the League of Conservation Voters now shows Markey leading Gomez by seven points:


Public Policy Polling’s newest survey of the US Senate election in Massachusetts finds Ed Markey’s lead over Gabriel Gomez growing to 7 points at 48/41, up from a 4 pointmargin right after the primary election 2 weeks ago.

PPP interviewed 880 likely voters from May 13th to 15th with a margin of error of +/-3.3% on behalf of the League of Conservation Voters.

If you would like to get involved with the Markey campaign, you can do so here:

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