Been depressed lately watching the Rupert Murdoch vs. The Koch Brother's bidding war for the Tribune Company?  Sad to see more of the nation's major print media outlets turn into right wing rags, just because the dark side has enough cash on hand thanks to tax cuts for the rich and corporate profiteering to buy them up cheap?  If only you won the Powerball jackpot or got a HUGE inheritance from a distant uncle.  Then you could do some good.  But, wait!... What happened in 2008 and 2012 when the wealthy spent Zillions of dollars buying the election?  We all got together and kicked their asses with small donation.

Some brave folks at Free The Free Press have put together an Indie GoGo campaign to buy the Tribune Company.  All we need to do is raise $660,000,000 in 30 days.  Improbable? Probably.  But you never know what might happen.  I kicked in a small contribution, and so have a few hundred others.  With new press in the Huffington Post, and maybe a couple of Daily Kos diaries we can get the word out!  Let's make this happen!!  Here is a link to the story in the Huffington Post.  On your marks... Get set...

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