I've written about my favorite live concerts here. But truth be told I have was blessed to live in one place, one time and hear what I think was the best live band I've ever heard. I've seen the Dead (mid-80s), well a lot of bands. It was the Varisty, Baton Rouge. Right outside of the "gates" of LSU. Early 1990s. Oh my god the bands I saw play there.

I once saw Dash Rip Rock play, now known as Cowbody Mouth (go Google them) play in the ally. I swear I saw Buddy Guy play and sat on stage with him cause nobody was there.

But below the fold the "band."

They always seemed to come through. Blues Traveler. I would later come to dislike their later music, but my gosh I wonder if folks now how much they could rock a small venue in their "time."

Try this:

Or this:

It went on and on the amazing. Ought to track the women down I went to all those shows with.

So what is the best place you've seen or the best concert you've seen?

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