The death toll from the bombings in Reyhanlı, Turkey (on the Turkish-Syrian border)  is now 51 and more than 20 wounded are still being treated in hospitals.

So far 13 people have been arrested. Four of them have been released, four have been charged and five are awaiting release or charges. Two are still being sought by the police.

All of them are Turkish citizens.

The Turkish government initially claimed that the Syrian government was behind the bombings. Then there were claims that the bombings were organized by the leader of a Marxist-Leninist splinter group (from another Marxist-Leninist splinter group) which hasn't had any activity for two decades or more. The leader of that group, who is Turkish but has lived in Syria since he escaped from Turkey in 1982, is claimed to have connections to the Syrian intelligence service. Currently whenever Syria is mentioned in connection to these bombings it is only to claim that the bombers have 'some links' to 'some groups' which are connected to Syrian intelligence.

The leader of this Marxist-Leninist group has denied any involvement in the bombings.

It has also been announced by the Turkish government that at least two days before the Reyhanlı bombings the Turkish intelligence service had intelligence about the two car bombs, including the colors, makes and license plate numbers of the vehicles, and that their targets would be in Ankara.

The intelligence service passed this information on to all the other government bodies but the vehicles were not located. The government is said to be investigating its weaknesses.

The government has also announced that the two vehicles had been driven to Ankara the day before the bombings in Reyhanlı but had returned to Hatay because they had not been able to find or reach the targets that they wanted in Ankara.

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