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I guess that Benghazi thing isn't panning out, Republicans don't care about spying on the AP, and the IRS scandal is losing steam. So on to the next one! But ... is there anything more stupid than this?

As you'll see below the fold, this was worse than Hitler, because it always is.

Unfortunately for Obama, the umbrella of protection the press has been offering has been blown inside-out by the gusts of these scandals. Perhaps this is the consequence of his 'Windy City' politics?
That metaphor was so tortured, it belongs in Gitmo.
The proper procedure would have been to inform the President that his order constituted a violation of the Commandant's standing order. If the President countermanded that order with an order of his own to hold the umbrella, the Corporal would have been obligated to comply.

The class act in this situation was the 20 something Marine. I wish our President had a fraction of his SA and decorum.

"Proper procedure" doesn't mean "my wet dream".
Not even the President of the United States can request a Marine to carry an umbrella without the express consent of the Commandant of the Marine Corps, according the Marine Corps Manual. UNDERSTOOD?
The Marine Corps uniform regulations OUTRANKS THE US CONSTITUTION. True fact.
Obama is an affirmative action result....he was registered as a foreign national and that is why his records are sealed. He still has a fake S.S. card from a dead person. But, the biggest horror is that Michelle's mother lives in the White House!!!! YIKES!! For supper they have to add several boards to the table so that the wide bodies can be accommodated. Its even worse when Hillary stops by to eat. Ever notice that Hillary hasn't washed her hair for two years? I guess Bill likes to get down and dirty.
A black person living in the White House is "the biggest horror".
Blacks now a days are FAR more racist than any white person. They all act like the world owes them everything and then blame the white man (still). I see it every day 99% of the racist emotions and actions are done by blacks torwards whites.
Why would anyone think whites are still racist toward blacks?
Ask for a national WHITE month, United Whiteboy College Fund, Whitey Television, and watch the bullets fly because you are racist and want those things. Time of putting blacks on a higher level because people think that they are owed something is over. T
Yeah, that's not racist.
Does this story really matter? No.

But he is obviously savoring the experience of being served on by a white servicemen - 2 things he disdains.

Not racist either.
And both are white not the nice black marines you see on bill boards......WTF
Still not racist.
King Barry uses cracker Marine as a lawn jockey
Still post-racial.
I wish I could find a racist comment in that thread!
Too funny! The first black man given the opportunity to run the most powerful country on earth and he turns out to be no different than all the other two bit corrupt black dictators around the world. For all the world to see no less. Way to go BO!
Do you see anything racist?
They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

Anti-racist is a code word´╗┐ for anti-White

Seriously, show a picture of a white dude doing something nice to an African American, and they go postal. Just nuts!
OBOZO just wanted photos of him making a servile slave out of a Proud (white) Marine. That play's well with his base "base."
He did that on purpose, to make them look effeminate.
Obama's homosexualization of the military continues.
Homophobic too.
obama is "COMMANDER IN CHIEF" in title only. He's a little imp with no character who stole the election by pandering to illegals - ILLEGALS! Let's call him what he really is - "ANTI-AMERICA SANTA CLOWN".
A leader is someone who has followers. obama is loosing sheeple sock puppet followers left and right.
Well I think he's a SATAN clown! Not sure what a Santa clown is supposed to be.
He stole the election but it wasn't just with illegals. He had the census records sent to the WH where he had the name and address of every person in every precinct. Absentee ballots are very easy to use fraudulently. Hence we had some precincts with more voters than there were registered voters.
Another scandal! Will they never cease?
The marine looked like he felt like poking Obama's out with the umbrella.
The Marine has a dream assignment, but projection sure is fun!
Do what your told we get it.....But doing what your told also gave us HITLER....being a yes man his how Hitler got his millions of Nazis to do his dirty work that could happen here by doing what you are told...get it there is no Honor in if is not RIGHT..
Today, a Marine holds his umbrella. Tomorrow, he invades France.
The President as 'Commander in Chief' is superior officer to the Commandant of the Marine Corps, so any order he gives takes precedence over any standing order given by the Commandant of the Marine Corps. That said, it's in extremely poor taste, like he thinks he's the Emperor of Ethiopia or something instead of an elected citizen President of a Republic. I can't think of any similar photos of any other President.
Don't sweat the "thinking" thing. It's not your strong suit.
British soldiers holding umbrella for George H.W. Bush.
Anyone notice the big red muslim flag that is behind POTUS right next to Our American Flag???
You mean the flag of NATO ally Turkey, since the president of that country was at this joint appearance with Obama? But I'm sure whatever you had in mind is better.
I am printing this picture so when the come looking for my guns they will see this and know what their master thinks of them
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