who both participated at the 2013 INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair that finished today.

Neel Lakshman got a Second Award of $500 U.S. savings bond  from the AVASC Foundation, which is a very big deal in India

Aaron Solomon finished second in Environmental Management

By the way, this is the world's largest such event, and it had more than 1,500 high school students from more than 70 countries, regions, and territories displaying their independent research.

I had absolutely nothing to do with their success in this, since they were my students only for AP US Government and Politics, but i am still proud of them - and I did have SOMETHING  to do with their both getting 5s on the AP exam for that course.

Congratulations guys.  What a way to complete your high school careers.

It was an honor - and sometimes a challenge - having them as students.

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