From Chris Hayes at MSNBC:

All right, this week, a scoop, a new bit of information that caught my eye in Newsweek by reporter Daniel Cladman that suggest the White House is about to do something it has resisted for years. The President is now about to deliver a speech, probably three weeks, on drones, Guantanamo , the national agenda and legal foundation for the continued global war on terror. He writes, "In coming days, Obama plans to lay out a legal framework for the administration's evolving strategies on targeting, detention and prosecution. The delicate process of putting together such a major Presidential statement has apparently taken months and involved arduous wrangling. There is also increased domestic pressure on the President to close Guantanamo, where it has now been 100 days since 102 prisoners held there launched a hunger strike. Today, protesters demanding closure of Guantanamo submitted a petition to the White House, a former military prosecutor at Guantanamo and the person who started an on-line petition on-line.

If it's only half as good as his 'Race Speech' (a.k.a. A More Perfect Union) was during the '08 campaign, it should still be historic. Can't wait!

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