Right now Obama is a bit stuck.
With the House focusing on doing nothing, not much chance for Obama to pass a new agenda. So the key for Obama is control of the House and Senate in 2014. Without that, it will be a pretty gloomy 2 yrs.
So can he do it?

Well, first the stock market is roaring. I know that's not necessarily correlated with employment, but I expect it will be good for Obama's polls. Also it will raise tax revenue.

Second, Obamacare is implemented in 2014. Perhaps that's what the Republicans are afraid of. Actually Open Enrollment begins Oct. 1, 2013.
Once that happens, if it is well done, people are going to demand Obamacare. People in Tennessee and Florida and Virginia are going to wonder why their Republican representatives and been fighting so hard against Obamacare, when it's something they really want.
And that is Obama's not-so-secret weapon.


what effect will the implementation of Obamacare lead to Democratic control of the House/Senate in 2014?

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23%9 votes

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