Received this e-mail today from Senator Mark Udall (D) regarding Gina McCarthy, President Obama's nominee to head the EPA:
It’s the same trick, different day.  

Some Republicans continue to prevent the U.S. Senate from doing the will of the people and moving this country forward. This time it’s the confirmation of Gina McCarthy — the President’s well-qualified nominee for Environmental Protection Agency administrator.

Even with much of the country facing the harmful effects of global warming, a drought of disastrous proportions, and wildfire season upon us here in the West, some Republicans would rather play politics than do their job. Last week, all eight Republican members of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee attempted to stop Gina McCarthy nomination by “boycotting” the committee vote — they literally didn’t bother to show up to work. I'm not joking.

That’s not leadership — that’s obstruction. And now there are rumblings that the Republicans may filibuster Gina McCarthy's nomination. I need your help in ending their obstruction.  

Please join me in supporting Gina McCarthy’s confirmation to lead the EPA. Without a leader, the EPA cannot effectively protect our clean air and clean water:


The Senate confirmed McCarthy once before on a bipartisan basis, in 2009, when she took the reins of the EPA's Clean Air program. So why are Republicans now dragging their feet on the same nominee? There's no good reason.

After they refused to show up for the committee vote, President George W. Bush’s EPA administrator, Christine Todd Whitman, scolded her GOP colleagues and called them “sore losers.”

Well that may have brought them to the table, but on Thursday every Republican on the environment committee voted against McCarthy’s nomination. The Democratic majority’s support for McCarthy allowed her to pass through committee, but she hasn’t been confirmed yet — and after the committee's party-line vote, some Republicans are planning more political obstruction on the Senate floor.  

We need your help in getting this nominee to the finish line.  

Will you sign my petition today calling on Republicans not to filibuster and to allow an up or down confirmation vote for Gina McCarthy to head the EPA?


During her distinguished career in public service, McCarthy has served four Republican governors — including a spot as the top climate and energy advisor to Mitt Romney in Massachusetts. But that doesn’t seem to cut it for Republicans this time around.

All we’re asking for is an up or down vote for a woman who is clearly qualified for the job. Sign my petition today urging the Senate to confirm this very talented nominee, Gina McCarthy. We’ve waited long enough:


Thanks for standing for the protection of our clean air and clean water and Colorado's quality of life,


You can sign Udall's petition here:


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