My husband and I have been long time smokers.  We had tried E-Cigs and they worked until my MIL had a major health issue, then we started smoking again.  Now my husband has a major health issue and I need your help.  Any advice would be appreciated!  Please follow me below the orange puff...

A few weeks ago my husband had what he thought was the flu, turns out he had/has a really bad case of pneumonia.  He was hospitalized for 5 days and I brought him home last Sunday.  He hasn't had a cigarette since May 6th but I've continued to smoke outside.  He is determined to quit and because he is still having trouble breathing he has no desire to smoke.  I on the other hand do.  

I have continued to smoke outside but know he can smell it on me.  I so want him to quit but am struggling myself.  I really still enjoy smoking but know he will want one a few weeks out if he smells smoke on me.  E cigs are helping but I really just want a really so bad.

Have any of you quit before you were ready or to help someone you love?  How did you do it?  Any and all suggestions would be so welcome.


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