On Friday, the folks at People for the American Way's Right Wing Watch happened on an ugly and deranged rant from one of the rising stars on the wingnut talk circuit, Pete Santilli.  I mentioned this on Friday, but I'm reposting for the benefit of those who only have Internet at work.

To put it mildly, Santilli is a piece of work.  He's a full-on conspiracy theorist--he's not only a 9-11 truther, but thinks Sandy Hook was predicted by a map in The Dark Knight Rises and that the raid on bin Laden's compound never really happened.  Media Matters has more on him here.

But last week, Santilli went several miles off the deep end.  He made an extremely graphic death threat against Hillary Clinton.  He said that he wanted to personally shoot her in the vagina for her supposed role in faking the raid on bin Laden's compound.  Listen here (sorry, it won't embed).

The whole show is on YouTube--the Hillary rant starts at the 1 hour 59 minute mark.  Pile up the dislikes--and report it as well.  Call the Secret Service on this too--apparently Santilli forgot that as a former First Lady, the Secret Service still protects her (per a law enacted earlier this year that restored lifetime protection for former presidential spouses as long as they're still married).  This kind of rhetoric simply cannot be allowed to stand.

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