Howdy, big orange community. (Last week I was told calling y'all "Kos kids" was a Brietbartesque boo-boo so I'm going with "big orange community" this time.) If we haven't met before, I'm the executive assistant here at Daily Kos. Part of my job involves managing social media along with Jen Hayden, or as many have known her, Scout Finch. Most of our work goes into Facebook. Our Facebook page has almost 99,000 fans, which, by the way, is almost 2,000 more than last week! And that's also 99,000 elsewhere-people sharing, commenting on and "liking" all sorts of stories that are generated here, and often by you, the community.

Somehow it's Monday again already, and that means we can go back and look at traffic stats from last week (that's Monday 5/13 through Sunday 5/19). Ready? Let's go.

Out of the 20 biggest traffic-driving Daily Kos stories that came from Facebook, 12 of them were community diaries last week. Hi-five! That's more than the previous week, where 10 out of 25 were community-written. Front page stories are highlighted in (what else?) orange.

And per a request by Glen the Plumber (and seconded by DeadHead) in comments, I also put together the top 10 traffic-driving stories that came from Twitter this week as well. Six out of 10 of these were front-page stories (highlighted in orange):

Go Jed Lewison and Joan McCarter! They had the most-shared content on social media this week out of the front-pagers. And kudos to BruinKid, brainwrap and joelgp for having more than one story in the top 20!

While I know Facebook and Twitter and media of the social kind might not be everyone's cup of joe, it's good to keep in mind that what you put up on Daily Kos often gets more attention from other audiences outside the site. And remember that if you are a Facebooker or a Twitterer, sharing posts you enjoy is just another way to support your fellow community members along with the obvious recs and tips.

If you haven't already, and you're into the social media thang, follow us on Twitter and/or like us on Facebook. We're super close to our longtime goal of 100,000 fans on Facebook. Happy dances will be in order when that happens.

Thanks to all your marvelous selves for creating such engaging content. It's really amazing.

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