Screenshot of Ed Markey for Senate ad
Gomez digs himself a deeper hole.
Remember how Republican Gabriel Gomez tried to deflect his gun problem onto Ed Markey? A refresher: Markey has an ad pointing out that Gomez is opposed to both an assault weapons ban and a ban on high-capacity magazines. Gomez responded to the ad with the hysterical, and ridiculous, claim that Markey was blaming him for the Newtown shootings. Insane? Yes, but apparently it's the best that he could come up with.

So Gomez made an ad out of it, still whining about being picked on by Markey, and still lying about Markey's ad. Gomez's ad is bad enough that the Boston Globe called it out in a news story. Not an editorial or a factcheck piece, but a news story.

Despite what the ad says, Markey has not blamed Gomez for the Newtown shooting. Markey has released an ad that highlights Gomez’s opposition to an assault weapons ban and to limits on high-capacity magazines, “like the ones used in the Newtown school shooting.”
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Gomez's new ad also complains that Markey has an ad "comparing him to bin Laden," which is also bullshit. The Markey ad shows a split screen of an MSNBC segment in which Gomez is trying to defend his organization's effort to swiftboat President Obama over the bin Laden killing. Seems like Gomez wouldn't want to keep drawing the attention of Massachusetts voters to the fact that he tried to swiftboat Obama, but that's what desperation, and no real experience or policy ideas, gets you.

But for a former Navy SEAL, Gomez sure does have a thin skin.

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