The ACA. That's right. The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, actually represents a once in a generation opportunity for Democrats in red states in 2014. But we'e got to get on top of this NOW. Together.

UPDATE: Thank you all for your words of encouragement, for sharing this diary with your networks and for the financial support. Today I secured the Domain SabotageStates.com and I'm going to talk with a colleague about setting up the backend for us.

Additionally, we're going to be moving forward with these videos and graphics. I hope to have the first of them for you to examine next week. Excited!!!!

Together, we can!

First of all, look at this map.

It shows which states are participating in the Obamacare and which have opted out. The red and purple states aren't any surprise.

But I'll bet this will be:

This is a study conducted by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies that interviewed 2500 residents in the states of Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia and South Carolina - some the most "southern" and "conservative" states in the country.
But a poll conducted in March and April by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies found that 62 percent of the people in those states support the expansion, one of the key instruments in the Obama administration’s strategy to reduce the number of uninsured Americans.
Poll results of southerners about ACA
This is an opportunity for Democrats to get ahead on this issue in states where people will see changes in coverage and where the GOP will continue to try to blame Obama and the Democratic health reform initiative. We can fight back.

Bold Blue Media Alliance has formed a coalition with several other groups and individuals in these states, including some state-level and county-level Democratic officials. We are prepared to create 60-second and 30-second television, radio ads and internet videos for their use as well as print-ready materials - to help our party get the TRUTH out; that the GOP in these states hates Obama more than they care about health and the lives of their own constituents. They are sabotaging the health care law and costing people their lives. They are saboteurs and I call these states are Sabotage States.

We plan to create clear, targeted, easy-to-understand (and hard to refute) messages for each state with numbers and information people can actually relate to. We plan, as is our Mission at Bold Blue Media, to give Democrats and Progressives at the state and local levels the tools they need to fight back and win.

It's time to empower Team Blue no matter where they are in the country. I believe that the proper framing of this issue can aid 2014 party recruitment in these tough-to-win states and localities and that we can force an open debate about the real motivations of the Republican party in states where they have been blindly followed for too long. It's time for us to rally 'round our side in these tough states where they often feel all is futile.

Open enrollment for ACA starts in October. There are 21 states that will need this media. We'd like to have the videos and infographics available to them by late July. I need your help.

If you have any connection with your state or local Democratic party, particularly if you live in one of the Sabotage States, please message me here or email me at m.paige at bold blue media dot com.

Like this page, share it on twitter or facebook; Especially if you have friends or followers from Sabotage States. They need to know we're all fighting for their access to health care. That we are one in the fight to make it available to EVERY American and that we won't stop until they have the same access as those participating states.

You can help by subscribing to Bold Blue Magazine. No, seriously. I can't make all these videos and infographics on my own in time. I'm busy planning our Netroots Nation booth and creating the premier issue of Bold Blue Magazine. But I feel this issue is so important and that we have a limited window of time in which to act. Although I plan to do the groundwork on the videos by laying the basic structure for them, I'll need to engage our Alliance Team Network, many of whom are Kossacks, to help complete this monumental task in time by adding state-specific imagery and information to the media. We haven't enough revenue coming in yet for me to pay them properly at this time, but I have to offer them at least something. Your subscription would help me to that and help us meet the deadline.

I know many state and county parties, particularly in these red states, are strapped. I'm presently building a partnership with a major progressive organization here in DC. I'm hoping that by the end of July they can help facilitate fundraising for media buys and work with Sabotage State Democrats to educate, expose and put pressure on recalcitrant republican state legislators.

Subscribe here. It would help a lot. PLUS, hell. You'll get a GREAT magazine in the process! (I have to tell you, I'm putting together the premier issue and it's going to be amazing!). You can choose your subscription rate. If you manage $3/month, we'd love that. There are options all the way up to $100/month (for those of you who want to treat this more like state/local campaign support). There's even some special pricing that will disappear on June 1st so take advantage of it now, while you can.

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to make progress in tough states. Let's do it.

UPDATE: Iowa has decided to go WITH the expansion. 150,000 Iowans will benefit. Imagine that. This sh*t is not hard. Really. It's not.

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