For me 888 signifies good luck. My husband is Chinese and 8's are considered lucky.The 'cooper' part? We used to own a Mini Cooper. Now we are just Cooper enthusiasts.

But I digress.... when I saw a post by our own sfbob on Facebook noting that he is just $880 short of his goal of $7500 in the Aids Lifecycle, Ride to End AIDS?

Well, it was an omen I had to get the word out and help him make that goal. Ideally if we can get him to $8388 ($888 over his goal), it would be a nice tip of the hat to yours truly. (I'm selfish like that)

This will be Bob's 14th ride. 14th.

If you can, I know he would greatly appreciate any help you can give. Click this link to donate.

As Long as There's a Need, I'll Keep on Riding
If unable to help monetarily, please rec and tip this diary to make sure others who might be in a position to help can.

Bob tells the story best,  please check out his recent diary.

AIDS/LifeCycle--Donating Money DOES Make a Difference

A snippet:

First, let's take a look at me. AIDS/LifeCycle begins on June 2nd. I turn 62 exactly a week earlier. I've been HIV-positive for over half my life. Somehow (probably thanks to genetics) I've managed to stay healthy; based on my subjective observations I'm more the exception than the rule. Very few of my gay male friends are my age; most are younger or older. The guys I used to hang out with when I was in my 20's, 30's and even my 40's are mainly dead. I take medications, regularly visit an entire team of doctors. I go to the gym twice a week (I'd go more often but for the all the biking I do). I try to get enough sleep. I don't run around the way I did when I was young and foolish because I may still be foolish at times but I'm definitely no longer young. I'm clean and sober going on 25 years. I've ridden my bike from San Francisco to LA twelve times now and each time I've begun training months and months before the actual event, convinced that, unless I trained assiduously for eight months, I'd never be able to make it. I'm probably overly concerned but I really like riding a bicycle so honestly it isn't that big a deal.
Thanks for reading, sharing, helping.

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