On Saturday, the Houston Area Kossacks held our seventh meet-up. This time, we met at Mai's, a lovely Vietnamese restaurant in Midtown. And we weren't disappointed. For all you food porn lovers, here's a sample of what we experienced at Mai's:

And I don't know what most of that stuff is, so I'm not going to attempt to caption it. But doesn't it look pretty?

As for me, I stuck with my usual: pho ga, or chicken pho.

Now, if you've gotten your fill of food porn, follow me below the fold for what you really came to see.

This was one of our smaller meet-ups, since a number of people were out of town or had other obligations. We missed seeing some of our regular faces, but we're hoping to remedy that with our June meet-up! Those of us who attended had a great time.

Here are Texdude50 and his partner icelus:

And Counselor730:

And suesue and Mr. suesue:

Did I mention that we were also celebrating suesue's birthday (a bit early)? Here she is with cosette and the lovely flowers cosette got her:

And, finally, cosette and your humble diarist (cosette in her Daily Kos orange and me in my "ermahgerd" shirt LOL):

Our next meet-up will be in June--details to follow in the very near future, so stay tuned! We hope to see some new faces in June, so if you're a Houstonian and haven't been to one of our meet-ups yet, please try to come! Also, if you haven't joined the Houston Area Kossacks group, feel free to send me a Kosmail to request to join. We do all of our communication via e-mail, however, so please also include an e-mail address so we can keep you in the loop!

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