Who the fuck are you?

You know I came to this site and saw promise, I saw a band of people of like mind that understood that we needed to make a move. I admit that it may have been the dream that many of us had. Peace and love, anti war and an effort to protect the little guy would and could make a difference. I believed that as one we could stand and call out the moneychangers. We all knew there was a wall around D.C. and hell we were gonna crash those gates and tear down that wall, together, as one. And this is just personal opinion and I admit that fact but, what I see now is a bunch of the people that had that same dream fighting and a bunch of people that never thought it was possible attacking those that still have that dream.


Look I don't give a shit your circumstance and you don't give a shit mine. I need help right now but that isn't what this supposed to be about. I have seen many call this a community and read about people getting help, I don't give a fuck. In my one eye what this place is... A place to improve the world. Now we can do that or we can accept crumbs, we can raise hell when called for, we can applaud when deserved or we can just wait for the next "issue".

Ladies and Gentlemen if you keep voting for the same thing you will receive the same thing.Do I need to link the "MouseLand" video?

I see supposed Democrats defend some of the most offensive policies seen in decades. Policies that 10 years ago these same people thought were destroying not only the image but the soul of the country.

To all of you that defend because of a letter someone chose to attach to their name I would suggest you are the uninformed you rail against. I would also suggest that anyone that trusts what a "politician" says in a campaign without considering past action is an idiot. If they do one good thing and fuck us on the other three I would suggest the odds aren't in your favor.

This is me, I will not shut up, I will be heard.


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