Karl Rove holds up a sign with hopelessly inaccurate numbers
Karl explains the math. Good times.
I remember back when Karl Rove was considered some sort of election-bending genius. Now he's barely Fox News material. Here he is telling Newsmax (pfft) that just you wait, this Benghazi stuff is really gonna super-duper hurt the president. You know, because of all the probing questions Congress is going to be asking about it:
"These things will be corrosive. They'll eat away at the president's rating. We'll see it over time and, particularly, as Congress asks more questions in the weeks ahead."
In addition to being a straightforward cop to it being all about "eating away" at the president's rating, I think it's a bit charming that Rove is so dead sure that Congress can pantomime their way through this one in any manner that makes them not look like incredible twits. Benghazi!!! was already fighting hard to keep its exclamation points weeks ago, and was nearly disemboweled outright when Darrell Issa's Super Duper Witness Circus turned out to be a flaming bag of dog bidness left on his own front stoop. You've got to be seriously dedicated to the cause to pretend that Congress "asking more questions" is going to corrode anything other than America's already non-existent expectations of Congress shutting up and doing some actual work already.

Meanwhile, the rest of the village is pondering whether the House Republicans have already overreached on this one and how much of a price they may start paying for it. There's good evidence that's already happening, as recent polls have the president's approval rating increasing, not decreasing, and Republican approval ratings continue to plummet to unprecedented levels.

Not Karl, though. Karl's sure this is gold; Darrell Issa and the rest of the GOP superfriends just need to find some even more surprising questions. Questions, damn it! Saying we have questions will fix everything!

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