Allow me to set the stage:

Did Obama steal the 2012 election?
Overwhelming evidence shows vote fraud, abuse played major role in outcome
...In some inner city precincts, Obama garnered between 98 and 100 percent of the vote. This was most frequently noted about Philadelphia, Pa., and Cleveland, Ohio. Incredulous observers stated, “Third world dictators don’t even get 99 percent of the vote.” Rush Limbaugh quipped, “I mean, the last guy that got this percentage of the vote was Saddam Hussein, and the people that didn’t vote for him got shot.”
OK, on to the actual news:
Secretary of State Jon Husted said today that while an investigation did find some cases of voter fraud from last November’s election, it is not a widespread problem across Ohio.

In January, Husted directed the 88 county boards of election to investigate all claims of voter fraud. The county boards and Husted’s staff found 625 cases of irregularity.

Of those cases, names of 115 people were referred by the  county boards of elections to their local prosecutors.

Husted’s staff referred another 20 cases to the Ohio attorney general for possible prosecution. They involve people who appear to have voted in two states during the presidential election.

That's 135 referrals out of more than 5.6 million votes cast.

Oh, and Husted, the guy who ordered the review and approved the results it came up with - he's a Republican. So that should forestall the charges of "COVER-UP" for at least a day or so.

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