What did you do this week to reduce your carbon footprint?

I'm one of those terrible suburbanites. You know, the sort of people who live outside the "ring" around a city, drive in, work, then drive home. How far? 18.5 miles each way.

This week, though, I didn't drive to work once. How did I work that out?

Drop below the copulating treble clefs to find out.

Monday, I had a meeting near the house, so I went to it, then worked the rest of the day from home.

Tuesday, my son had a doctor's appointment in the morning, I had a dentist's appointment in the afternoon, followed by a wine tasting, so again, worked from home.

Wednesday, I rode this to work:

It's a velomobile, an enclosed recumbent trike. It's aerodynamic, weatherproof, and has storage space for my work clothes and briefcase (I shower at the gym in the building).

Out of the 18.5 miles, I spent less than 1/2 a mile on a street, other than the streets of my own neighborhood. The rest were on a rails-to-trails bike path all the way downtown, then cultural trails to within 2 blocks of my building.

Thursday, a deposition near the house, worked from home the rest of the day.

And Friday:

In a regular week, I drive almost 200 miles. This week, I drove less than 20.

How about you?

Originally posted to Palate Press: The online wine magazine on Fri May 24, 2013 at 09:09 AM PDT.

Also republished by Climate Hawks.


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