Short and (bitter)-sweet, this one, especially after the lame-o response to last week's SNLC, with just one visitor and 7 comments.  This one falls more into the pet peeve section, but details count, after all.  The pet peeve is question is a common misspelling that I'm sure you've all seen at some point, namely the misspelling of "in memoriam" as....

....."in memorium", which I've seen on more than once on recent occasions.  Doing a quick search on most people's fount of all information and mis-information, namely Google, a quick search (Boolean, of course, with quotes around the term):

"in memoriam" = 'About 27,000,000 results'
"in memorium" = 'About 1,300,000 results'  

In fact, Google even asks after you've typed the wrong spelling:

'Did you mean: "in memoriam"

You can also find this misspelling on the other major fount of information/mis-information on-line, namely wikipedia, at this link.

Of course, what really matters is the expression of tribute to lost loved ones, as recent events sadly demonstrate.  This is just a tiny plea for getting the details right when doing so.  The same principle applies everywhere else in life.  (In fact, that's another common misuse of two homonyms incorrectly, the use of "principle" in place of "principal", in such phrases as "principle idea" or "principle contributor", but that's a mini-rant for another day.)

With that, 'tis time for the usual SNLC protocol, namely your loser stories of the week.....

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