After his clandestine meeting with Syrian rebels on Monday, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) returned home to secretly meet with another rebel group, this time a domestic one: Occupy Wall Street.

The meeting, which McCain's office has confirmed without offering any details, appears to have taken place late Thursday night in the back room of a Brooklyn co-op with a rag-tag band of Occupy Wall Street members.

While some lawmakers expressed shock and anger Friday morning after learning of McCain's secret meeting, the Arizona senator has expressed sympathy for the rebels in the past, and has long argued for American intervention in the United States to combat those economic terrorists – such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo – which have destroyed the lives of countless citizens.

According to an anonymous Occupy Wall Street representative, McCain heard their grievances and agreed that American resources needed to be directed toward combating growing income disparities in the U.S., curbing student loan debt and squelching those austerity measures harming the most vulnerable.

"McCain agreed with us that the economic terrorists needed to be fought, and that the people needed to be armed with economic opportunities, fair wages and affordable health care," said another Occupy Wall Street member who was present at the meeting. "Then he started chanting with us We. Are. The 99 percent!"

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