From remarks by President Obama today at a DNC event in Los Angeles:


But I have to say that right now the nature of the Republican Party makes it very difficult for them to engage in common-sense discussions around solving problems.  And all of you see it.  I don't have to spell it out for you.  But within their ranks there is a tendency to believe that compromise is a dirty word and that government is something to be torn down, as opposed to something to be embraced as a facilitator for the private sector and ordinary citizens to be able to achieve their dreams.

And so what that means is, is that I will get a lot more done with a Democratic House, and I sure need to keep a Democratic Senate.

And there shouldn’t be any contradiction for people to recognize that wherever I can get cooperation from Republicans, I want cooperation, regardless of the politics.  If I’ve got a bunch of Republicans who just for purely political reasons decide we’ve got to get right with immigration communities and so we’re going to pass immigration reform, I’m not concerned about their motives -- although I think the folks who so far have stood up are deeply sincere about what needs to be done -- but even if it’s political calculation, I’m game.

     But what I also know is that deep down there are some contradictions right now in the Republican Party that makes it hard for them to do what needs to get done in this country.  And that’s why I’m going to be fighting as hard as I can to make sure that we send to Congress people who share my values and share a sense of America’s promise, and understand that America’s promise is based entirely on the notion that everybody gets a fair shot, regardless of where they came from, what they look like, what their last name is, who they love.


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I think it's safe to say this is the hardest POTUS has ever brought it to the Goposaurs:

"...Compromise is a dirty word and that Government is something to be torn down..."
That's like a polite way of accusing the Republicans of Treason, IMO. And it's all true.

Further proof that some kind of plan is afoot came in a recent email from Nancy Pelosi:

Eric --

Speaker Boehner and Eric Cantor thought they could kowtow to the Tea Party and come out ahead.


With Michele Bachmann quitting Congress, they are losing ground -- fast. Since Congresswoman Bachmann announced her retirement, over 22,300 of you have stepped up to help us elect a Democratic House for President Obama. That’s amazing!!!

If we can get 637 more donations before tonight’s fundraising deadline, we can set a new May online record (and send Speaker Boehner into an all-out panic):

(My bold)

It's not too late to chip in:

If we pull this off and return the gavel to Nancy Pelosi, it will be the most righteous PWNing of horrible people since D-Day.

It's encouraging to remember that pretty much every time President Obama "fight(s) as hard as (he) can" for something, he wins - the Presidency, Obamacare, Bin Laden, DADT Repeal, re-election, etc...

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