All the scandals, all the rants and the anger, it all matters, but I would probably be shocked to death if people got this angry over climate change and environmental issues in this Country as they do about all these scandals, the phone issues, and the necessary changes we need to make to gun laws, etc.

Imagine if people got just as angry?  I can't.

And it saddens me to no end.  I mean, I know there are people who do get upset, as I do, about these issues, but not as many people are as upset as should be upset about the impending climate change issues that are going to just get worse and worse.

It's been documented here time and time again and many other places.  But no one seems to actually want to get that angry or upset about it because well, we are all pretty fucking comfortable (Except the people in the path of horrific tornadoes, or hurricanes of course).

Just some food for thought.  And yes, we can do and should do them at the same time.  The lack of outrage I see out in society about these issues scares the shit out of me and the absolute ignorance.  My 10 year-old knows more about science than many adults.

We seem to be doomed to worry more about things that in the end won't matter much when we can't grow any food, have clean water or withstand one natural disaster after another.

Hyperbole?  Sure, fine.  But it still makes me wonder about the state of the human race and where our priorities are.  It's why I can't really stand to be here much, I just don't get where we are right now and wonder if we will really change in time, as a species.  Survival of the fittest indeed.

Yes, just a rant.

Originally posted to Ellinorianne on Fri Jun 07, 2013 at 09:57 PM PDT.

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