(A response to those who say that not attacking the administration over the Prism matter means you're in the "Obama Cult."

It's a cult about pushing back in 2014 the tide of crazy lunatics who control the House and may control the Senate.

It's a cult about trying to confirm Judges who will not kill the Voting Rights Act.

It's a cult that wants the media to recognize and report as fact that taking the debt ceiling hostage is treasonous blackmail.

It's a cult about stopping new Jim Crow Voter Suppression laws.

It's a cult that doesn't believe bike paths and bike share are part of a sinister plot leading to UN Agenda 21 world dominance.

It's a cult about defeating any candidate who rejects science.

It's a cult that recognizes that there is a huge difference between Kagan/Sotomayor and Roberts/Alito.

It's a cult that wants to defeat any supporter of women's mandatory ultrasounds, personhood laws, miscarriage presumptions, HPV Vaccine Bans and dozens of other anti-woman proposals.

It's a cult that wants the minimum wage raised.

It's a cult about the infinitely worse "security state" that will be in place if one of those maniacs gets elected President.

It's a cult that wants the Dream Act and immigration reform passed.

It's a cult that, unlike 14+ states, doesn't place its hatred for the President above the health of its poor citizens.

It's a cult that agrees with Bill Maher that Ronald Reagan was "patient zero for everything we are fighting now."

It's a cult that rejects the ER as primary care.

It's a cult about passing any fucking gun legislation so kids don't get killed.

It's a cult about not cutting food stamps by $20 Billion.

It's a cult that is willing to get arrested in the NC Capitol every Monday.

It's a cult that believes it's nuts and may be treasonous to keep guns for the purpose of overthrowing the United States government.

It's a cult about every other issue that can be obscured by a freakout about one issue.

So yeah, I'm in a cult.  And I'm happy to be in that cult.


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