You..ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes.
                                                      -Mother Jones

Thursday June 11, 1903
Morenci, Arizona - Federal troops sent into strike zone.

Federal troops have been sent into this area where the Western Federation of Miners is conducting a strike against the copper interests. The troops were ordered into the strike area by the President in response to this telegram sent by Arizona's Acting Governor:

Three thousand men, mostly foreigners, on strike at Morenci, Graham County, Arizona. Sheriff and Captain Arizona Rangers advise me that strikers are armed and in the hands of professional agitators, and that there is immediate need of a large force to quell riot which is impending. Have ordered out militia, but number small, scattered and undisciplined. No probability of restoring order except by presence of United States troops. Needed there tonight. I respectfully request that troops be sent from Fort Grant and Fort Huachuca immediately.
The New York Times
-of June 11, 1903

Wednesday June 11, 1913
Charleston, West Virginia - Senators hear testimony of coal operators.

Senator William E Borah
Republican of Idaho
The Senate Investigating Committee listened to the testimony of the coal operators throughout the first day of hearings yesterday. The coal operators denied charges that a system of peonage exists in the coal camps. They blamed the organizing efforts of the United Mine Workers of America for all of the troubles in Paint Creek District during the past year. And they defended martial law, the suspension of the constitutional civil rights, and the trial of civilians by military tribunal. In other words, yesterday, all day, there were no surprises to be found in the testimony of the West Virginia Coal Operators.

The New York Times
-of June 11, 1913

Tuesday June 11, 2013
From Democrcy Now: Kalpona Akter, Josh Eidelson, & Scott Nova

Kalpon Akter speaks out on the subject of safety standards in Walmart's supply chain. She is the Executive Director of the Bangladesh Center for Worker Solidarity. Scott Nova, Executive Director of the Worker Rights Consortium, and Josh Eidelson who reported from the Walmart shareholders meeting last week, also join the conversation:

To view story at Democracy Now,
or, to read transcript:

Solidarity Center

Workers Rights Consortium

Josh Eidelson

The Mill Mother's Lament

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