Sad news, everybody: Not one of my videos garnered even Honorable Mention in the ChallengePost "Looking at Democracy" contest, despite all your votes. Ah, well, no lovely MacArthur money for me.

Still, one little setback isn't going to still my fingers on the editing board, by golly, so here's the latest.

The film stock was taken by Sergei Eisenstein's in 1932 for a film entitled "Que viva Mexico," which he was, sadly, never permitted to complete. After returning to the Soviet Union, he was denounced as a Trotskyite and counterrevolutionary.

Thankfully, Eisenstein (and his chief backer, Upton Sinclair) had stashed the stock with the Museum of Modern Art, so it wasn't lost. The film can be viewed and downloaded at the Internet Archive http://archive.org/... where you can also read a brief history of the project.

The song is from my 2008 record "Private Islands," and is one of the most illegally downloaded tracks in my oeuvre. It's also one of those cuts that pop up on every other record I do that really should be covered by Chris Isaak, so if you know him, pass it on.

So, no prizes involved this time. Just a few wistful moments to mellow your day.

For those with difficulties seeing embeds, a direct link to the video is here.

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