Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey at a Markey for Senate event.
Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren on the stump
There are a lot of questions that Massachusetts Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez just hasn't gotten around to answering. With the second debate of the race happening Tuesday night, Ed Markey's campaign is reminding voters of that with a hard-hitting radio ad.
The ad, which Markey's campaign has described as a heavy, one-day ad buy on Springfield radio, attacks Gomez with a series of questions.

“Gomez has been avoiding answering some important questions,” the ad’s announcer states.
“Maybe tonight’s the night he’ll finally fess up,” another voice ads.

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Those questions include whether Gomez would support the Blunt amendment, allowing employers to decide if their female employees should have access to birth control under their health insurance policy. Gomez has had weeks to answer that one, but still hasn't done it. The ad also points out that Gomez has failed to release his client list the private equity firm where he works, disclosure that is required by federal law for candidates. He's also been refusing to release his 2005 tax returns. That's the year he got a massive, controversial tax deduction. Gomez has remained entirely mum on that issue.

All that's included in the ad. Given it's been weeks since most of these questions came up, chances are pretty good Gomez won't be answering them in tonight's debate. But it's an awfully good reminder to voters of just how many questions Gomez is refusing to answer.

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Originally posted to Joan McCarter on Tue Jun 11, 2013 at 11:12 AM PDT.

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