This time next week 3/4 of Casa Brillig will be in California, getting settled in a hotel room and excited for Netroots Nation! The path from now to then is just a bit crowded, as seems to be the case in life. Follow me below the dingledoodle squigglie dKosagnocchi dividerthingie fold after a word from our sponsor...

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Why such a busy week? Let's see...

For the first time, K1 (also known officially and for the first time as mostly-lurker Kossack thatkid :-)) will be attending Netroots Nation. She's thrilled and excited (enough so that we are dyeing her hair tips purple tonight and not red as planned, because she doesn't want to have them red at NN!), but thanks to snow days and the MA school calendar's IMHO insane policy of not one but TWO winter/spring vacation weeks, school ends for the year on June 20th. We fly on the 18th. Ergo, the poor kid is cramming ALL of her finals into the days prior, taking one even before the final study material is handed out.

Oh, and there's a swim meet this Saturday where she'll finally get to to swim her favorite event, which she hasn't yet done this year.

Did I mention tomorrow's viola recital, which takes out all of her study time tomorrow night?

Lest anyone wonder what K2 is doing this week, he's been busy preparing for the school talent show tomorrow (he'll be dancing to Radioactive by Imagine Dragons) and has soccer practice Thursday and a big game Saturday. Notice the divide-and-conquer aspect required on Saturday :).

Mr. Brillig has been burning the candle at all available ends working on two major projects at work, one continuing and one finishing earlier than planned, thank you Sequestration. Thankfully, the class he teaches in Second Life begins two weeks from Thursday, not one. There was NO way he'd miss the opening evening of NN13 to teach.

Me? I just keep all the players in this story fed and clothed. Digging out all the orangewear (yes, even K1 has hers set) and making sure we've got comfortable fun shoes. Making the house ready for my MIL and FIL to stay in while watching K2. The Casa Dogs will be boarded at our favorite kennel, so that Mom and Dad can focus on K2, as well as the newest member of Clan Brillig... my nephew was born on June 7th. He is the first grandchild on my BIL's side of the family, and we're thrilled to have him finally here, a mere two days before his due date.

How's your week going? Laid back, or frazzled, or some combination thereof?

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From Dragon5616:
Flint shows the good and bad of hospital management in this terrific comment in james321's recommended diary GOP Hospital Executive Calls For Single-Payer (Medicare For All) As Solution To Health Care Crisis.

(ps- I "tc"ed this as well in a reply to him, because it really is that good -- brillig)

This comment by zenox about naturalization really touched me in kos' post There are few things more beautiful than an immigrant naturalization ceremony.

From Audri:
I just thought this by ek hornbeck was so perfectly stated.
From Yours Truly, brillig:
There were several great comments in Jed Lewison's For House Republicans, jobs are job #1. Except for all the other stuff, among them these by sawgrass727, gchaucer2 and Dragon5616.

This comment by Dale, flagged by DrTerwilliker.

This comment by Dumbo, flagged by BocaBlue.

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