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So tomorrow I'm heading to Columbus, OH for the Origins gaming convention. I plan on playing Pathfinder Society there, and looking to get some character art done by fellow Michigander Tony Steele (seriously I've had most the character art I have was done by him and every time I get it done he's knocked it out of the park. Google him, or Bing! search him and see for yourself)

Is anyone else going to be there? If so what are you playing? Warhammer? Pathfinder? Shadowrun? Give your game a shout out here, and if you're not going you can still say what your preferred gaming hobby entails.

If you are going and you see a guy walking around in a black fedora with a beaver staff that would be me, your humble bayushisan.

What are your plans for the weekend?

That's all for now

May God bless you and may God be gracious to you

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