A little change of pace never hurts, folks.  So instead of writing about what I'm going to have for dinner...or even writing about some thematic subject, I thought I would pose a question to this community.

Suppose you had been incarcerated for the past 2 or 2 1/2 years.  Eating institutional food each and every day.  What would you want to eat for your first meal after regaining your "freedom?"

I have a friend who will soon experience just that.  He gets out of State prison at the end of this month.  It doesn't matter what he did...it was nothing violent or that caused anyone physical harm...but he made a majorly poor decision, and paid the price.  He is a good cook, as it turns out, and I've learned a thing or two from him since we became acquainted.  

I don't know, and can only imagine, what he's been eating for the past two years.   But I'm pretty sure steak wasn't one the menu.  So....While I won't be there when he get's home at his Mom's place, I'm thinking about provisioning up a nice dinner that he can enjoy putting an apron on and, for the first time in two years, preparing for himself and his Mom.

Guillermo (my friend) taught me how to make chimi churri sauce.  So I'm thinking of whipping up a batch for his release.  That would go well with a big fat ribeye steak.  And a nice bottle of red wine.  Since it is June in Oregon, you have to think strawberries.   So I might make a strawberry shortcake the day he gets out.  Asparagus is also in season, and he would know what to do them them.  

I don't know what they release you with after a stint in the slammer.  A bus ticket?  Any cash?  I won't be there when he get's home, but I would like to leave a care package so he can jump right in, if he is up to it, and start living again.  

I'd like to pick up a few groceries and drop them off at his Mom's house, where his first stop will likely be.  Something that would make a good meal for a man that probably hasn't had one in 2 years, but who enjoys cooking.  

I love to cook.  It makes me happy.  It is a creative outlet.  I don't know if Guillermo will feel like cooking his first night out or not.  But I would.  

So...put yourself in his place, if you possibly can...and instead of describing what you are having for dinner tonight, try a thought experiment instead.  Imagine that you have been imprisoned for 2 years, eating institutional food, and just got released.

What would you want the most?

A big, fat pizza?  A big fat steak?  Fried chicken and mashed potatoes?  Pork chops?  

What's your first meal, after two years of shitty meals?

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