It’s Saturday and most Saturdays I like to spend time in the woods. From a Native American perspective, the tree people are important and can teach us many things. According to some creation stories, the plant people were given two closely related gifts: the power of healing and the power of beauty. The beauty of the trees helps heal the mind and the spirit. Wandering through the woods and trying to understand the many different personalities of the tree people is a good form of meditation as well as an exercise in creativity. Shown below are some photographs of trees from Fort Stevens State Park in Oregon. Wander through them for a couple of minutes, let you imagination wander free, and join us in the Saturday open thread.

7788 photo DSCN7788_zps0d069021.jpg

7781 photo DSCN7781_zps645c8b6f.jpg

7777 photo DSCN7777_zpsc2fa7f3c.jpg

7775 photo DSCN7775_zps794330f3.jpg

7549 photo DSCN7549_zps3f879fb0.jpg

7514 photo DSCN7514_zpsb8d692da.jpg

7513 photo DSCN7513_zpsb2e99db2.jpg

7511 photo DSCN7511_zpsfa0cca48.jpg

7509 photo DSCN7509_zpsc54edb33.jpg

7506 photo DSCN7506_zps9e339119.jpg

7504 photo DSCN7504_zps88153daf.jpg

This is an open thread. Feel free to talk about what’s on your mind, what you have been doing, what you have been thinking about, and, most important, what’s for dinner?

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