Alex Jones ... yes, that Alex Jones ... the one of infowars fame ... has become so wildly popular in many areas of the Far Right in American politics that his conspiracy theories are slipping into the policy actions and debates of sitting Republican congressmen/women.  

Most of his conspiracies swirl around how certain actions by the government are really "false flag" operations intended to distract the public with a gruesome / attention-grabbing / tangential action in order to pursue some more evil masterminded plot.

Such as using some sort of weather weapon to spark tornadoes in Oklahoma as a means to fool the public into believing there is such a thing as climate change.

Or that the Boston Bombing was an attempt to assert more government control on the public.
But, a "crazy" thought has occurred to me:

What if Alex Jones IS a false flag operation?

Could it be that Alex Jones is an act put on by a cabal of Democratic operatives to make the Republican party look foolish?  What if he was sent by the Liberal Wing of American politics to feed horrible conspiracy theories into the Right Wing Echo Chamber in order to destroy the respectability of Conservative pundits, politicians and partisans?

If you were to draw-up the perfect False Flag operation to embarrass a political party, its supporters and its facemen; wouldn't a series of horribly construed, barely sane conspiracy theories being trumpeted about like skeletons in rotting lingerie be just the ticket?  And wouldn't it take advantage of the Right's single biggest weakness in the current media era: their inability to fact-check stories before blasting them all the way to the halls of power?

Someone in the Republican Party better wake-up before its too late and figure out who is paying Alex Jones to do more damage to the Republican brand than any poor policy decision ever could.

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