Author's Note: I no longer post at DemocraticUnderground.com but I still routinely surf the boards there to see what my old amigos are up to from time to time.

I saw this rant there last night and post it for your edification-amusement. My wife and I have been dissolved in fits of giggles ever since:

From a fairly new DU user named 'Toby Jo':

I want a cell phone I want a smart phone I want computer access I want to call around the world I want to be free of attacks I want to be plugged in all the time to everyone in the world wherever they are I want it all.

Don't tell me there are bad people in the world and make me face reality. I want it all. Life is beautiful. Fuck you go away you fascist pig, you.

I don't want to have to pay.

Goddam crybabies. Spoiled brats. Grow up. Really how would you handle the complex, huge, fast-moving world of today were you charged with the security of your neighbors and family? Tell them 'everything is beautiful' ? Hope for the best? Cite your amendments. Go ahead. That 2nd one is working out well. Back in the day....

And for the record, the govt is into some seriously evil shit - I lobbied against them ages ago and we were simply told 'we're not going to deal with that. Hearings were put off.' This data collection is not it. This is child's play. Get your fucking shit together.


On a serious note, people whose connection to reality may have been a bit tenuous to begin with may find this story feeding their paranoid delusions on a massive scale and I honestly don't know what to do about that. NSA-Gate certainly has had my wife and me way more emotionally volatile than we would be in other times.

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