Received this e-mail today From Senator Brian Schatz's (D. HI) campaign:

Yesterday, Brian Schatz stood up and showed why he’s a leader that the people of Hawaii need fighting for them every day in the U.S. Senate.

In his first major address on the floor of the Senate, Senator Schatz commemorated King Kamehameha Day by renewing his commitment to self-determination for Native Hawaiians -- continuing the work of Senators Akaka and Inouye to ensure equality for all Hawaii’s people.

In Brian's own words, "The reason that I have chosen to carry forward this fight on behalf of Native Hawaiians is simple: It's right to seek justice. It is long past time for Native Hawaiian people to regain their right to self-governance, and that's why we must all work together and join in the fight for justice for Native Hawaiians."

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As a member of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, Senator Schatz plays a crucial role in the relationship between Native Hawaiians and the U.S. government. Committee chairwoman, Senator Maria Cantwell specifically cites Brian's energy and enthusiasm as "key assets in getting laws passed to benefit Native Hawaiians."

There is so much work to be done to address the disparities facing indigenous populations in Hawaii and all across the country.

But Senator Schatz is committed to making sure that Hawaiians are treated equally and, along with other Native peoples, are able to benefit from the federal policy of self-determination.

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Bill Meheula
Schatz for Hawaii

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