The unraveling over the massive government spying program continues, as the government and Snowden volley press releases, interviews and hearings at each other. The old battle about killing the messenger versus paying attention to the damn message that is telling you what you should already know is ravaging the pundit class.

      Meanwhile, Charles P. Pierce nailed it with a simple plea: Just tell me what is being done in my name. It was a powerful, heartfelt plea that gets right to the heart of the matter, and it's starting to go viral. (You can go to the link at Esquire to join in.) I put together a diary yesterday partly inspired by Pierce; it sank out of sight quickly - but Pierce's message deserves to be repeated. Here's how it starts:

I know that it is the obligation of my government to protect me from our enemies. That is right there in the Preamble. Thing is, though, it comes after the requirements to form a more perfect union, establish justice, and ensure domestic tranquility. And it comes a fk of a long way after the most important three words of all: "We the People."

OK, let us persist in the notion that I am an American citizen. Let us persist in the notion that I am the citizen of a self-governing political commonwealth. Let us persist in the notion that I have a say -- and important and equal say -- in the operation of my government here and out in the world. Let us persist in the notion that, in America, the people rule. If we persist in these notions -- and, if we don't, what's the fking point, really? -- then there is only one question that I humbly ask of my government this week.

Please, if it's not too damn much trouble, can you tell me what's being done in my name?

Read The Whole Thing, and pass it on.

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